Flower-ish look with Acrylic Paint...

Helllllooooo everyone, sorry for the week with no post, i actually have done my nails all week i just didnt like the way the photo'd therefore i didnt post them. Also the "big" sale sucked but i did buy some stuff that i will show whenever i feel the urge. Anywho i did a nail design inspired by this picture i saw online at some nail forum. I CAN NOT remember the site where i got it, and i feel horrible because its her design and i dont want to take credit for it since it inspired me to do it. So if you see something that looks better than what i did but similar please let me know so I can so link the website! Anyways so with this look i did a french tip first then use lime green art brush to do lines and then i used a darker green acrylic paint for details and dark purple acrylic paint for the dots. SO okay i own alot of acrylic paint because i do random drawings and i just realized how fabulous they work on nails. So look forward to me using more of them.. anywho here is the look which by the way disregard the index finger because its messed up and i did NOT feel like redoing it..

What I used for the look (minus the purple acrylic paint):
Sidenote: this look was super easy, since im not a proffesional or no where near a professional it was easy because its just a bunch of small lines and dots.. just the basics!

Tiger/Zebra look...

So today i decided to do a zebra look but every one tells me its more of a tiger look lol. The way i did this look was a little unorthodox but hey it worked for me. First i used american manicure as a base to give the base to give the bottom of the nail a peachy look. Then i use OPI's Red Hot Gift as the red tip, to me the red was way to shiny so i decided to put essie's matte about you on top and it achieved the muted red color i was going for. Then i free handed the black and added glitter and a black line and then i topped it off with seche vite top coat (which i know your not suppose to top coat a matte polish but it turned out fabulous..) then wallah you have the look. I must admit doing the stripes was easier than i thought. I always looked at zebra stripes and said it was so complicated to do but then i just went for it and it came to be easy.

What I used to complete the look:

Shopping for the Necessities...

Well the other day i went shopping for nail supplies.. I was hoping to get some new polish colors, but when I went to my local nail supply shop the lady informed me that there going to have a HUGE sidewalk sell on the 19th. She said that some OPI and Essie will be like 60 percent off and an array of hair and nail supply will be considerably marked down. So i decided just to pick up the Essie Matte About You i ordered and a couple of Orly hologlitters that were on sale for 99 cent each. Then I went to my other nail place that sells to wholesalers and professional nail shops and bought my economy size acetone lol.. I go through acetone so quick that i decided to buy it in bulk size, and i end up paying like 3.50 for the bottle and get like 20 ounces more than if i was to go to Walgreens or CVS. Also i decided to re-up my nail art polishes and buy the basic colors(other than the neon orange), 2 seche vite top coats (because i use it so much, and then i decided to try out China Glazes Fast Forward Top Coat (when i use it i will blog about the best top coats out there in my opinion)! But in all this was my shopping trip, it wasnt to exciting because there are no pretty colors to look out, but they are true necessities for me to my nails on a every other day bases.. (and disregard the stuff in the background, it is mostly all my make up)

So this American Manicure, i left off my list up top because i wanted to talk about it separately. If you go to a nail salon and get a french tip, this is more than likely the bottom coat they put under it. It fives your nails a pinkinsh sheer tone and i absolutely love it. This is especially good for people who might have pale nail buds.
I love art brushes... Some say it will be cheaper just to get then brushes and dip them into paint i already own, but im so particular and i have to buy the individuals. I will probably do a quick blog in the future about nail brushes.

Sidenote: All these supplies cost me under 40 bucks, so not to shabby for the necessities, now if it was polish it would be muuuuuch cheaper!

NO MATTER WHAT: Code Orange Edition

Well hello everyone... early this morning i was wide awake and decided to do something real quick on my nails. I could not decide on what color i was going to use today so what i did was i stuck my hand in my polish box and said what I pick is what i will use NO MATTER WHAT! So then i picked in my nail art brush box and i came out with Silver Glitter and in my polish box i randomly picked Code Orange. Now i am pissed because i was hoping for a pink and I got a tangerine orange lol, but in the spirit of the game i tried to make it work. I decided to do a diagonal look, with like 3 coats of the code orange. After looking at the pictures I soooo wish i would have done more with this look, but hey this is only installment 1 of NO MATTER WHAT!
But anywho here is the look..

Okay so the writing on my hands is from a band that i heard and fell in love with at work...Which by the way i totally get away with y nail polish at work! And the customers especially love it, especially when i have the polka dots on!

What I used to complete the look:
Sidenote: Unless OPI's top coat is fresh, it takes forever to dry.. I can wait to get my new bottle of seche tomorrow in my big nail store splurge i will be doing

Random Hiatus and Random Designs!

Hello Hello Hello!
Hmmmm.. first and foremost i would like to apologize for the random hiatus i took! I only planned it to be a week, but when i came back I was at a creative block so i decided to take a smidge more time, which in actuality i was going to return the 31st of August but eh i was like why not come back after labor day right? lol! Secondly, thanks for the concerns and support people sent me online and to my email, i checked them, I saw them, and i loved them! Thanks again, and i am A-Okay... I just needed to be a lazy ass for a few weeks lol! Lastly i can not wait to catch up and read everyones blog that i missed for the last month. I mean i havent even as much glanced at a nail blog and im craving to do so lol so look out for my comments on your month old posts lol....Lastly I got the new blackberry tour (so i will be on blogger all the freaking time)!! YaY

But anyways for the people (like me) who just like the pictures... I did a bunch of random designs on my nails the day before ALL OF MY NAILS started to break, Yes all of my nails are broken as of now lol! So these picture is the last picture of my nails long... Im not going to go in details of what i used and what not because this pic is out of date and was meant to be posted the 3 weeks ago.

What I used for the look:

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