Shopping for the Necessities...

Well the other day i went shopping for nail supplies.. I was hoping to get some new polish colors, but when I went to my local nail supply shop the lady informed me that there going to have a HUGE sidewalk sell on the 19th. She said that some OPI and Essie will be like 60 percent off and an array of hair and nail supply will be considerably marked down. So i decided just to pick up the Essie Matte About You i ordered and a couple of Orly hologlitters that were on sale for 99 cent each. Then I went to my other nail place that sells to wholesalers and professional nail shops and bought my economy size acetone lol.. I go through acetone so quick that i decided to buy it in bulk size, and i end up paying like 3.50 for the bottle and get like 20 ounces more than if i was to go to Walgreens or CVS. Also i decided to re-up my nail art polishes and buy the basic colors(other than the neon orange), 2 seche vite top coats (because i use it so much, and then i decided to try out China Glazes Fast Forward Top Coat (when i use it i will blog about the best top coats out there in my opinion)! But in all this was my shopping trip, it wasnt to exciting because there are no pretty colors to look out, but they are true necessities for me to my nails on a every other day bases.. (and disregard the stuff in the background, it is mostly all my make up)

So this American Manicure, i left off my list up top because i wanted to talk about it separately. If you go to a nail salon and get a french tip, this is more than likely the bottom coat they put under it. It fives your nails a pinkinsh sheer tone and i absolutely love it. This is especially good for people who might have pale nail buds.
I love art brushes... Some say it will be cheaper just to get then brushes and dip them into paint i already own, but im so particular and i have to buy the individuals. I will probably do a quick blog in the future about nail brushes.

Sidenote: All these supplies cost me under 40 bucks, so not to shabby for the necessities, now if it was polish it would be muuuuuch cheaper!


gildedangel said...
September 15, 2009 at 8:32 AM

This is a great haul! You are going to LOVE the Essie Matte topcoat!

Tiffany ツ said...
September 15, 2009 at 5:06 PM

girl, i just used it and its AMAZIIIIING! im going to have fun with that!

elashaw said...
September 17, 2009 at 9:34 AM

oh wow! good haul for $40 in my opinion!
lol! i went to the city and for 4 nail art brushes, that big ol' bulk pure acetone & a dotting tool it cost me over $40.00 0_0, but canada is LAME for anything polish related (N)
can't wait to see what you find at the big sale coming on the 19th! i love seeing people score really great deals!

Lucy said...
September 18, 2009 at 12:22 PM

Nice haul and a sidewalk sale is coming! You are going to make a killig. Hope you find some great bargains.

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