Frequently Asked Questions..

Do you where Acrylic Nails?
No, I'm all Natural... I don't like my nails to get real long so i file them bi-weekly

Why Blog about Nail Polish?
I loooove doing my own nails, and i look at some peoples blog and I'm like, I CAN DO THAT!... so I do it because I want to share my lust for nail art

How much Nail Polish do you own?
I use to think it was a lot until I saw some other peoples collections, but I own about 125ish i think, but its growing!

Nail Polish can get Expensive, Do you know where to buy it cheap, or Do you pay full price?
Well... I do pay full price for a lot of my polishes, but i do have a couple of secret places where i can get china glaze for a lower price, and discontinued OPI for half off. Other than that my grandma gives me gift cards to JC Penny's and i get OPI from there, or I can go to some dollar store and find some cheap nail polish. Also I really keep my eyes on sales being offered in places such as (CVS, Sally's, and Walgreen's)

Where is this "Secret Place"?
Well if i told you, it wouldn't be secret now would it lol? But we have a place in town that ships nail products and they have limited excess stock, so the more people i tell the less stock for me :)

What is your least and favorite nail color?
I am in love with hot pinks, but my favorite lacquer is probably OPI's- Pompeii Purple, and my least favorites are probably dark burgundys...

Email Me if you have any questions that you want me to answer!!


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