Let the Revolution Begin! (The Swatch Version)

Okay so I had to wait for real housewives to go off to swatch the new collection i bought today.. After I finished swatching i decided to give this collection a C+, all these colors I can live without, but there was a couple that i didnt mind having in my collection... but i will let you judge so here you go pretty ladies...

*Golden Opportunity*
(it looks a little mustardy lol, and NEEDS 2 coats)
*Agent Lavender*
(it's a nice clor.. but nothing to rave about)
*Secret Peri-Winkle*
(it looks darker in the picture than it really is)
*Pink Underground*
(Its nice and creamy, definitely could use this for a tip color)

*Code Orange*
(it is a cute tangerine color, and NEEDS 2 coats)
(its a really nice red, i will definitely wear this one more often that the others)
Sorry the pictures are dark, but the lighting in my room sucks and it is night time so i could let natural light in. But i will definitely incorporate this into designs in the future so hopefully you will get a better look..

Sidenote: I will never swatch 6 polishes at a time! lol... I think i used half a bottle of acetone lol!! and if anyone saw real housewives tonight, let me know what you thought of it...

Let the Revolution Begin!

Whoa sorry for the delay in post but I have been busy.. But afterwork I decided to go by my local nail supply wholesaler, and the lady informed me that they had this
for 10 bucks... Of course i told her im not buying anymore polish for a while, and then she was like its 10 bucks you cant bet that "its a steal". So of corse i bought it! China Glaze's Operation Colour collection has been out for a while now, and it has a total of 6 colors which are: Agent Lavender, Secret Peri-Winkle, Pink Underground, Revolution, Code Orange, and Golden Opportunity. Just let me say now that I adore the names, but im not too fond of the colors. In fact i think i mostly bought it for the artwork and the stand lol. My favorite is probably the yellow (I love yellows), and the least is probably the Pink Underground (baby pink doesn't look good on me) Anywho I will be swatching these colors in the next blog so you can be the judge :)

Sidenote: I dont know how these people with jobs do it, Its hard to update frequently when you work lol.. Kudos to y'all (sorry im southern lol)

Recycle Nails and a Crappy Job

Okay, sorry for the long time no post but I got a job and have been in orientation all freaking week. So im back now and I have quite a few things to catch you up on, such as the fact that I finally found a job. Its definately not glamorous and its definately not the hilton, but i need some type of income until I can find a better job. Well this job came with the biggest flaw ever that I almost quit on the spot about and the only way I can tell you what it is, is to tell you the way i was told...
So it goes
Boss: Wow your nails are really cute!
Me: Thanks I do them my self and they are all my real nails
Boss: Oh okay good because I would have felt bad if you just paid t get them done..
Me: Why?
Boss: Because you are not to allowed to wear nail polish on duty!
Me: Picking my jaw off the floor :(

Can you believe that, Im like its Starbucks not the Army.. SO i attend to find a new job real soon, one that lets me express myself in the form of my polish. But anyways if anyone flies into Tampa Airport come visit me and my boring nails lol..

SO part two of my news, Im officialy cutting my nails, I never wear my nails long and now that they are, it is so acquired. I mean I cant hold a pen right, i cant type right, its just a mess! So i think im going to go to a nail salon and have them cut and square them because im too nervous to do it.

So before I show the nails i wore that dreadful day, i want to explain the color. I wanted to use a polish I havent used before so i closed my eyes and stuck my hand into the box and picked out China Glaze's Recycle. I personally think it is a hideous color but to each its own, so I knew it would make a ugly tip color so i painted the whole nail this chalky gray. In order to distract from the color i did designs on every other nail. Anyways here was my nail for the day:

Sidenote: Sorry for the rambling post, forgive me its late and i had a loooooong day. I will be back sunday back and better than ever lol. Once again forgive my poor exhausted post and click on the pictures to get a better view.

Rainbow-ish Weekend Nails

Okay sorry for the delay in posting but this weekend has been hectic, any who I decided to do something a little more daring for my nails for the weekend. I have seen many rainbow tips being done but i decided to do an all opi rainbow-ish look, or what my cousin calls them gay pride nails. For the rainbow-ish effect I used OPI's That's Berry Daring, Atomic Orange, Need Sunglasses?, Gargantuan Green Grape, and Purple With A Purpose. So quick notes about these polishes: Need Sunglasses? and Purple With A Purpose definitely needs two to three coats to get to bottle color.
But anywho here is my nails for the weekend...

What I used to Complete the Look:

Sidenote: I was going to address to the comments of last post on the comment page but i decided to attach t to the post, because there is something I wanted to address...
  • Cee Frizzle, thank you sooo much for the sweet comment, but there are so many nal blogs that inspired me to do my own blog.. There is a list on the side of the page with blogs i adore, and most of the people who comment are fellow bloggers so click on there profile. You will be amazed trust me, much love to you!
  • And thanks to Danielle, Inbaluly, Mary and Lucy... comment like yours keep me motivated to keep blogging, i love all the followers and i think of you every time i swipe my card to buy some new polish :)
Stay Pretty Everyone,

So Im Back...With my La Paz-Itively Hot

Well once again thanks to all who left me well wishes on my finals.. They went great and Im one step closer to be the Civil Engineer with blingy nails lol... But Im exhausted so I am just posting up my Nails I did before my finals... I used OPI's La Paz-tively Hot on the tip (You need two coats for a true hot pink look), For the glitter I used China Glaze's Fairy Dust (Also needs two coats) and for the line I used Art Color Clubs Solid Silver. Anywho enjoy my lovelies!

What I used to complete the look:

PS: I took the pics in a rush before my test and swim class, so sorry it didn't catch the true essence of the bling lol.. Please forgive me :)

OMG! Brief Hiatus..

OMG! Im sorry for the long no post, but I have two finals this week! And as much as I love doing my nails, it doesn't pay the bills lol... but my engineering degree will :) !!! But I will be back friday blogging and babbling about nail garb! So be on the look out...
-Stay Pretty!

Pink Patchwork NOTD

So today I was in a "artsy" type mood and decided to do a patchwork type nail. I apologize ahead of time that is a little sloppy, but i am in a rush this morning to head to my little cousins basketball game all the way cross town. In this look i used OPI's That's Berry Daring, Pure Ice's Love, and Sally Hansen's White On, and for the gold line I used Kiss's Glitter Gold. This polish will probably be on just for today because tomorrow I plan to be a polish swatching fool. But anywho I have to go so here is the NOTD!

What I Used To Complete The Look:
Side Note: Clicking on the pictures to enlarge them gives you better details on how the nail looks, and i find out officially on monday if i got the job so remember Red I didnt, and Green I did lol

Thanks Liv!

The sweetest lady on the blog circuit Olivia(http://livylulu.blogspot.com/) nominated me for this award. Thank you Doll! I appreciate it very very much.

Interview Nails

So today I had an interview at the hilton (which went REALLY great) and I thought it would be inappropriate to show up with purple polka dot nails. So I had to change my nails to white french tip in which i am still just cringing thinking about it. White tips are probably my least favorite thing to do because they are just BLAH boring, but to spice it up a bit i put a gold line under it. But even though i hate white tips I actually loved how these turned out and will probably rock them for another day. Anywho here are two quick snippets of the nails before my interview, ill let you know if I got the job tomorrow. Red nails will mean no, and green nails will mean yes! lol

The Brown Bag Chronicles....

The Brown Bag Chronicles
***She Has a Brown Bag****What's in the Brown Bag***

Opi's Brights!
So today I went to my local nail supply store, because my lady on the inside told me the Brights collection would be discounted today.. Well she was right they WERE! So all though I know the collection has been out for awhile, im frugal and was not going to pay for colors that i would primarily use for the summer. Anyways my collection of nail polish's have been lacking a true orange, so I have had my eye on the Brights Atomic Orange ever since they came out. I also had my eye on the limish green (which photo more of a sea green) Gargantuan Green Grape. Its so soft and pastel so it doesn't look to bright
on my dark complexion. I also bought Need Sunglasses? because come on who doesnt like a Yellow! Lastly I bought Purple with a Purpose, it kind of has a irridecent shimmer to it, which makes it look like you have little plums on your fingers. All in All I LOOOOOOOOOVE my purchases I made today and look forward to showing them off. Until Later
-Stay Pretty!

Side Note: I will be swatching them real soon! After I swatch the China Glaze from last weeks haul.

My Spontaneous NOTD!

So I was feeling in a real dotty mood lol so i decided to do purple and white polka dots. I suggest NOT watching a funny show while doing the dots because I laughed so hard I messed up my pinky nail (Damn you the Nanny!). Anywho I used China Glaze's Spontaneous as the purple base, Wet N' Wild Montana for the white dots and Kiss's silver glitter for the line. I ran into a problem with my silver glitter being clumpy so I used my Beauty Secrets Thinner which isAMAZING to smooth it out. But with out further ado here is my nail of the day :)

What I used to Complete the Look:
Sidenote: So do we notice that the pics are getting just a little better lol.. Im going to get it down perfect.. I am soooo determined!

4th of July Oh My!

Ohhh if i was a nail polish namer i would so call a polish 4th of July Oh My! But anyways so my 4th was pretty amazing, you know fireworks, bar-b-que, the whole nine yards. But my day did have a bad part to it, and unfortunately it was my nails :( .... it didnt come out even close to hw i imagine... everything kept going wrong and i was just utterly dissapointed at the results. I wasnt originally going to take a picture of it, but i decided why not... you all should see the good bad and UGLY LOL! Well anywys here it is...
The middle finger was suppose to be a flag (blah) and the other fingers were suppose to be reminiscent of fireworks (yuck) But I used Sally Hansen Cherry Red, and LA Colors Red and Blue Glitter.

And for a personal exciting side-note: I finally figured out my stupid camera and how to get pictures that look accurate to the nail colors and nail style... My camera is 10.3 Megapixels, and when it is set that high it gets a little to detailed on up-close pictures and distorts the image. So i set the settings down to 5.0 Megapixel and it did wonders!!! So thanks for being patient while I got it together :)

Swim Class Blues...

So for my swim class I usually do a very BLINGY nail style because the older ladies in the class just adore it... Well today i did a gradient or fading effect whit blues and glitters. I didnt have a very pale blue to put on the bottom of the nail so this look didnt come out the way I hoped. But the two colors i used to set a base for the glitter is China Glaze's Sexy in the City and Frostbit. Then i topped it with Nail Basix Blue Glitter to get a "Blingy" effect. I added a white flower on the middle fingers to give it Pizzaz with a lime green rhinestone in the middle. Which you cant see well because of my crappy camera, which means im going back to my old camera because this one officially sucks for close up shots (any suggestion on a good setting for close up shots) lol...

What I used to Complete the Look:

The OPI's of The Shopping Trip...

Okay so here is the OPI swatches from my shopping trip earlier today. I will probably use all this in a nail of the day real soon so ou can really see them in all there TRUE glory... If you didnt know I am a absolute Hot Pink/Red fan so thats why there are way more pink polish than any other...
*This Picture is probably more color accurate*

From Left to Right: Lapaz-Itively Hot, That's Berry Daring, Cara Mia Crimson, Pretty & Privileged, The Grape Lakes, Yoga-Ta Get This Blue, Dawn

Oh and sidenote: Pretty and Privileged is a absolute gorgeous color that didnt photo well, which led me to do some investigating with my camera.. Well I found out that I had it in a wrong setting, so Photos should be looking muuuucccchhhh better in the upcoming blogs :)

A simple Shopping Trip turned into a big Haul...

Okay so i went shopping today, and to say the least i went a tad bit overboard with buying nail polish lol.. They had so many deals going that I would have been a fool to resist (shopaholics plea)... Anyways I will let you guess how much I paid for this and I will let you know if your right..But I bought 6 China Glaze, 6 OPI's (2 from the India Collection and 1 from the 90210 Collection), 1 Zoya, 3 China Glaze Minis and 4 Nail Basix.. I also got some rhinestones because I am obsessed :).... Anyways I have to go to a swim class in a hour so i wont be able to swatch them today... But I will be swatching each group by the end of the week hopefully because I am anxious to see how some of these colors that are out of my comfort zone will turn out.

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