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Well I was cleaning out some pictures out of my computer and i ran over these... These shots were taking early in the year when my nails were much shorter and my skill level was lower... So i ask you ahead of time to please forgive the quality of the photos, these were taken way before i knew i would blog and way before i knew what i was doing... But anyways without further ado here are the vintage-esk snapshots...

These are when i broke my two left nails on my car door :(
I did these nails specifically for St. Patty Days

Lookie at what I found...

So yesterday I walked into CVS to buy a Smart Water after my workout, and like usual I go to see nail polish on my way to the cashier, and I looked and saw Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear being clearance out (hopefully there just bringing in some new colors). But ended up grabbing the four that I didn't own that were left. 3 of the 4 are pretty sheer and needs multiple coats, while brick wall pretty much needed the one and still came out to the bottle color. Anyways i ended up paying $4.30 for all of it which is a steal!

Okay so I have a small problem naming things, In this case I introduce you to my good friend Chloe the Wheel (there are many more characters in my nail box.. "TRUST ME")!...Anyways I usually use the wheel when I buy a few nail polish at a time and want to do a quick swatch.

Im feeling SPONTANEOUS...

For my nail of the Nail of the Day, i chose to use China Glaze's Spontaneous. Its a cream nail polish which i found a little difficult to use, but if you have a good top coat it will help smooth out any little ridges. So onto the design... I did all the fingers except for the two middle ones with a french tip and use Kiss's Silver Glitter as a accent line. In the middle i "attempted" to do a flower and a half, which i am really RUSTY on working with flowers. I put a lime green rhinestone in the middle of the flowers for a little pizzaz!

What I used to complete the look:
P.s. I am oddly obsessed with rhinestone wheels

Ruby Pumps Tips

I usually do more to pizzaz my french tips, but I was in a rush to finish that I just left as is... But I used my favorite china glaze polish, Ruby Pumps and I used my favorite top coat Seche to complete this look..
Disclaimer: My pictures will start looking better, im just starting out and getting into my groove...

All i used to do this was ruby pumps, acetone, flat brush, and seche top/base coat...


Hi everyone if you are reading this i thank you for looking at a peice of my addiction.. NAIL POLISH, MAC, and ACCESORIES (but mostly polish) ! I always get comments on people liking my nails, and i love looking at other peoples blog so i figured why not blog myself. I consider my self the french tip diva! I love french tips with color and adding a little pizzazz to them. So I ask you to bare with me as im just starting and hopefully we will get this blog up and running in NO TIME :)

Frequently Asked Questions..

Do you where Acrylic Nails?
No, I'm all Natural... I don't like my nails to get real long so i file them bi-weekly

Why Blog about Nail Polish?
I loooove doing my own nails, and i look at some peoples blog and I'm like, I CAN DO THAT!... so I do it because I want to share my lust for nail art

How much Nail Polish do you own?
I use to think it was a lot until I saw some other peoples collections, but I own about 125ish i think, but its growing!

Nail Polish can get Expensive, Do you know where to buy it cheap, or Do you pay full price?
Well... I do pay full price for a lot of my polishes, but i do have a couple of secret places where i can get china glaze for a lower price, and discontinued OPI for half off. Other than that my grandma gives me gift cards to JC Penny's and i get OPI from there, or I can go to some dollar store and find some cheap nail polish. Also I really keep my eyes on sales being offered in places such as (CVS, Sally's, and Walgreen's)

Where is this "Secret Place"?
Well if i told you, it wouldn't be secret now would it lol? But we have a place in town that ships nail products and they have limited excess stock, so the more people i tell the less stock for me :)

What is your least and favorite nail color?
I am in love with hot pinks, but my favorite lacquer is probably OPI's- Pompeii Purple, and my least favorites are probably dark burgundys...

Email Me if you have any questions that you want me to answer!!

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