NOTD: Black yellow and pink edition!

Okay so this week i decided to go with my black tips again, but there is a disclaimer about these designs, well technically 2 disclaimers
  • I can not find my flat head brush for french tips, so im stuck free handing it until i can either find it, or find one thats comparable to it because michaels doe not sell it anymore (i think?) so this is why my french tips look so crooked lol
  • I took these pictures 3 days after i did the design so one of the rhinestones fell off and the polish is a little chipped, sorry Peeps!
Anyways im out of my black polish im in love with (Walmarts Pure Ice) s i had to use this crappy one i have shown below, which takes like multiple coats. Then i used this Art Deco nail art brush i got from forever 21, and lastly I used yellow craft paint for the dots, UGHHH i love me so craft paint lol! Its cheaper than nail polish and you can mix them easier than nail polish to find the perfect color...

Sidenote: Im a victim of seche vite, when it gets to low its useless.. But i found a way around it and i will do a quick blog soon to show you had to add some uses out of that Seche bottle the becomes worthless!! And as always click the picture to see a better photo of the nails

QuickPic - Mint Candy Apple

SO i attempted a quick zebra design with essie's mint candy apple. I didnt have time to take and official photo of the nails so i just to a quickpic from my Blackberry of the design I did. This color was given to me from a coworker in who i did a nail polish christmas trade with and one other person (whose color i will show tomorrow). Well i told her i would wear it today so i whipped up a quick design to do. At first i thought this color was a little to light for my skin to, but it turns out i really like this color. So here ya go - a quickpic design and a recommendation for you to buy essies- mint candy apple!
Sidenote: I completely dont like this design and i probably wore it just for my work shift and thats it! But i just really wanted to show the color even though their just quick blackberry pics...

Fireworks-esk Nails!

Okay so this is my attempt at a firework look, i thought i acheived it until my coworker told me it didnt look a thing like fireworks lol. So we are going to call it Firework-esk! But this was my first real nail art in a while so excuse it if it looks a little funky :)... but i didnt use any fancy polish so no need to list them, i just used a bunch of Kiss Art polishes to make wavy lines. As always click on the pictures for better views..

What i used for the look:

Updation Celebration lol (I'm cheesy)

Hello all my pretty people and happy new years to all.. let me start by saying a simple two week hiatus turned into like three months, so i am sorry about that! A lot has been going on mostly good and some bad, but busyness and unmotivated has definitely played a role in my lack of posting. Just some quick updates:
  • I got a new job! so no longer i have been making skinny vanilla lattes and caramel machiattos, i work in a office setting which is right up my alley and has been a savior to my nails!..I currently work at capital one and have been since the end of october so yay for that...
  • I meant to update my layout, but Laziness played a huge role in that lol, so your stuck with this one for a little while longer...
  • my nails are much shorter now because they all broke like 3 weeks ago and they are growing back pretty fast so hopefully they will be at my normal length at the end of this month. (that reminds me to do a post on how i get my nails to grow)
  • Lastly, i will be answering emails back tonight, so sorry about the delay.. usually im really quick at responding but the holiday season has been hectic! I haven't even read anyone else's blog since the beginning of november, so Danielle, Kai, Princess, and everyone else im so excited to see what i have missed! And also thanks everyone again for being patient with me and sending me emails concerning if im okay, I really appreciated it!
So i have been doing my nails all throughout my hiatus but i haven't really taken pictures of what i have designed. I did however get a couple of quick pics from my phone so here they are, a real post should be coming super SOON!

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