4th of July Nails Trial 1

Okay so I LOVVVE doing theme nails, and the 4th of July is no acceptance to my rule, I usually plan the nails im going to do a few day in advance so this in trial number one... For this I used Sally Hansen's Cherry Red and White On.. And For the Blue I used on of my nail art stripe polish in Miss Envy Blue (I am pretty sure i got it from a hair supply store)... But since my nails are already painted, i am using LuLu my practice finger.. Oh and sorry in advance about the picture quality.

Okay so this is Nail 1 of Trial 1:
Im actually going to put Red and Blue Rhinestones where the colors meet, I just didnt want to waste all those pretty rhinestones on a trial finger

This is Nail 2 of Trial 1:
Here i used red and blue glitter lines to add some PIZZAZ to the design (sorry you cant se the glitter lines well).

And Finally Nail 3 of Trial 1:
This one has a glitter lines and a single rhinestone in the middle... But for some reason this one reminds me of Texas.. WEIRD because i hate Texas lol...

What I Used To Complete The Look:
Oh and sidenote: I got my first follower today lol (Im a Nerd)


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