With White Out Comes, a Red Hot Gift

Okay so I looove doing crosswords... and I typically do them in pen, well long story short I needed some white out to fix an error i made and it exploded all over my flower manicure :(... It sucked because i wanted to rock my flowers for another day or two.. but Oh well when life throws you lemons make lemonade i guess? For the new manicure I did, I used OPI's "Red Hot Gift" and Art Club's "Solid Silver" to complete the look... This should be on for a day or two because my PATRIOTIC NAILS are coming on for the 4th of July...

This is the evil white out that destroyed my pretty purple flowery manicure...

What I Used To Complete The Look:
Oh and I forgot to put up a picture of the dotting tool and the top coat (Seche) I used to complete the look.. WhOOps


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