A simple Shopping Trip turned into a big Haul...

Okay so i went shopping today, and to say the least i went a tad bit overboard with buying nail polish lol.. They had so many deals going that I would have been a fool to resist (shopaholics plea)... Anyways I will let you guess how much I paid for this and I will let you know if your right..But I bought 6 China Glaze, 6 OPI's (2 from the India Collection and 1 from the 90210 Collection), 1 Zoya, 3 China Glaze Minis and 4 Nail Basix.. I also got some rhinestones because I am obsessed :).... Anyways I have to go to a swim class in a hour so i wont be able to swatch them today... But I will be swatching each group by the end of the week hopefully because I am anxious to see how some of these colors that are out of my comfort zone will turn out.


elashaw said...
July 30, 2009 at 10:34 PM

hmm, i'll guess, but i'm guessing that my guess will be insainly wrong since i'm a canadian in northwestern ontario where prices seem to be crazy! haha, around here that would easily go for over $100. Am i horribly off?

i just love your designs, i'll have to show my sister

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