The OPI's of The Shopping Trip...

Okay so here is the OPI swatches from my shopping trip earlier today. I will probably use all this in a nail of the day real soon so ou can really see them in all there TRUE glory... If you didnt know I am a absolute Hot Pink/Red fan so thats why there are way more pink polish than any other...
*This Picture is probably more color accurate*

From Left to Right: Lapaz-Itively Hot, That's Berry Daring, Cara Mia Crimson, Pretty & Privileged, The Grape Lakes, Yoga-Ta Get This Blue, Dawn

Oh and sidenote: Pretty and Privileged is a absolute gorgeous color that didnt photo well, which led me to do some investigating with my camera.. Well I found out that I had it in a wrong setting, so Photos should be looking muuuucccchhhh better in the upcoming blogs :)


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