Swim Class Blues...

So for my swim class I usually do a very BLINGY nail style because the older ladies in the class just adore it... Well today i did a gradient or fading effect whit blues and glitters. I didnt have a very pale blue to put on the bottom of the nail so this look didnt come out the way I hoped. But the two colors i used to set a base for the glitter is China Glaze's Sexy in the City and Frostbit. Then i topped it with Nail Basix Blue Glitter to get a "Blingy" effect. I added a white flower on the middle fingers to give it Pizzaz with a lime green rhinestone in the middle. Which you cant see well because of my crappy camera, which means im going back to my old camera because this one officially sucks for close up shots (any suggestion on a good setting for close up shots) lol...

What I used to Complete the Look:


Olivia C. said...
July 4, 2009 at 9:47 AM

This is really cute! I'm not good with cameras either... so I'm no help. lol

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